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The Little Tea Set

Littl eDanish tea set from Solvang, CA, photography nikon lens

The temperature has dropped all of a sudden with rainfall to accompany it. The result is super chilly weather. And all I can think of is hot tea to comfort me in this cold! 
It’s the ‘Festival of Lights’ or Diwali now and AB gifts me a camera lens that I have been longing for. And of course, I started clicking from the very moment I got it home. While sipping on some hot tea myself, I played around with the lens and shot one of my favorite home decor curio in low light, a miniature (honestly, it’s tiny) tea set that I got from Solvang, CA.
I am not a seasoned photographer by any means, just someone who is strongly interested in photography. Technically these may not be the perfect photographs, but I like the end results.
The little tea set under the warm lights seem to glow.

Nikon lens, photography

Some hot tea, anyone?


6 thoughts on “The Little Tea Set”

    1. Shamira, now that you messaged let me tell you telepathy exists! I was just thinking I have not seen Shamira’s blog for a while now. In fact have been behind on my blogging since August started.
      And thank you for the photography compliment but honestly, I wish i was an excellent photographer. Still learning, so much to know. And yes, a tea party would be a delightful idea 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I indeed believe in telepathy..! Before I headed over to your blog, I was thinking the exact same thing! 😀
        Oh and honey, trust me, your photos are way too good…I have a lot to learn from you 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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