About Me

Sumana Doss Barman

Hello World!

First and foremost, thank you for dropping by. πŸ™‚

My name is Sumana Doss Barman and I am from the city of Kolkata, India. Currently, I reside in California, US, since 2012 and well, let’s say this blog has been in the making since then! (Yes, I wrote my first draft then.) But why did I choose to start now?

I have three primary interests Β – art, food and teaching. Teaching comes to me naturally. I would voluntarily teach anyone younger than me – my younger brother, cousins and anyone who wanted some help. Least did I know that teaching would be my full time profession later. And how I love it!

What can I say about my love for art, it’s pure love! Β I am self taught and would be delighted to take classes in the near future to fine tune my skills. I love painting and using different mediums. Because of this passion, I have incorporated art and simple DIYs in my home decor and gardening. I also take art classes for kids and teach them simple and creative techniques.

Food has been integral in our home and family ever since I can remember. Hailing from eastern state of India, Bengal, typical Bengali meals can be multiple courses and my mother (Ma) made sure that lunch menu wasn’t repeated for dinner. (Get the drift?) I have happily inherited her love for food and truly enjoy cooking for my family and friends. My joy knows no bounds whenΒ  I see them relishing the food!

Therefore, I decided to blog about not just food (which I had initially planned) but also my artsy expeditions! An Artsy Appetite is my way of archiving and sharing two of my interests with you all along with the gastronomic experiences while travelling.

Hope you all enjoy reading and recreating them as much as I enjoy making them. Feel free to tag me on my social media pages and yes, please do not copy/publish any photographs without permission as they are all taken by me unless otherwise stated.

Yours Truly,


31 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Thank you so much for popping round to my blog, it’s lovely to meet you! What a great name for your blog, covers your love for art and food πŸ™‚ a perfect combination!

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  2. Sumana , I am so proud to call you my friend and have your creativity in my life ! My kids are lucky to have you and hopefully will grow up adoring you !!! Keep up the fantastic work !!! Look forward to gazillion posts and accolades on your blogging journey !

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    1. I will definitely check out the link, Deepa. I can never have enough ‘art’ and am constantly doing something or the other, painting, DIYs etc! So glad that you feel we have similar interests, I will drop by for sure. πŸ™‚


      1. Ok. Thanks. πŸ™‚
        So firstly wanna ask you about this blog WordPress. I have installed it, because I always wanted to pen down my thought( which actually I have been doing from 2012, on my diaries) but now I want to write so that people can check out and I can inprove my writing.

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      2. So what is your question exactly, about WordPress? You did not mention that. However, I learnt about WordPress blogging through a webinar I attended and then I keep referring to YouTube or just search on Google if I get stuck with something. I am learning about this everyday, that way. Hope this helps.


      3. Ah. I wanted to know about WordPress only. I should also refer YouTube and Google. But how can I participate in challenges? As I read your post about Creative bloggers award etc. Etc.


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