La Piñata

What is this page about?

This page will feature things, tangible and intangible things, that I come across and are a part of my life. These are what I find interesting. And things or events that, of course, bring me a lot of happiness.

I came up with this name because of one specific reason. Think of children in parties, waiting anxiously, bright-eyes with excitement, under a piñata. A piñata is “a decorated figure of an animal containing toys and candy that is suspended from a height and broken open by blindfolded children as part of a celebration.” (In India, a piñata is called a ‘khoi bag’.) Children are the happiest before it will be burst open, squealing in joy while they try to grab hold of as much goodies as they can, that pour out of the it. For children and adults, a piñata is an assorted bag of everything good.

Therefore this page, la piñata, metaphorically stands for a mixed bag of anything and everything that puts a smile on my face and things that I would love to share with all of you. Hopefully it will put a smile on your face, too. 🙂


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